Conair Curling Combo Review

This curling iron is a classic all-in-one curling iron with a few modern twists, transforming dry frizz into bouncy healthy curls in record time. In addition to being a curling iron, the Conair CD160WTCS Hot Air Curling Combo also doubles as a brush that can unlock tangled hair.

Both attachments for the curling iron and brush are interchangeable to suit your needs, and consist of aluminum barrels measuring ½ – inches. This allows heat to flow through the length of the attachments to ensure your hair receives the proper treatment from root to tip, so that curls stay shiny and bouncy for a long period of time.

No longer will you have to fumble between dryer and comb to get desired, because the Conair CD160WTCS Hot Air Curling Combo has air vents that blow warm air so you can style your hair while drying it at the same time. These vents are present in both the attachments, and the hot air that they provide can dry your hair sufficiently. This adds volume and body to your hair, a feature that is unique and perfected in this product.

Whether you want a high blast of heat, or a calmer, gentler breeze, the Conair CD160WTCS Hot Air Curling Combo offers both. This allows for more versatility, so that you can experiment with different hairstyles from time to time. You can choose from simple, elegant curls to magnificent, royal curls, depending on the occasion.

If you have a thirst for travel and are looking to visit some exotic spots around the world, the Conair CD160WTCS Hot Air Curling Combo can be your personal stylist that fits conveniently in your baggage. You don’t have to worry about difference in electricity distribution in various countries since this curling iron has a dual-voltage which was built-in specifically for this purpose.

Safety was also an important feature that was factored into the design of the Conair CD160WTCS Hot Air Curling Combo, as the product comes with a built-in safety stand. Additionally, a cool tip is present, along with a cord measuring six feet so that you won’t have to be glued to the power socket while drying and styling your curls. Instead you can walk around with ease, knowing that those picture-perfect curls are just a few minutes away from becoming a reality.

Reportedly, the Conair CD160WTCS Hot Air Curling Combo can be purchased at lower prices from certain online stores such as, as opposed to other sites where they are more expensive. Customers who have used this product are generally pleased, calling the product a revolutionary shift from the daily tedious dryer and comb routine.

With the Conair CD160WTCS Hot Air Curling Combo, you can say goodbye to dry, frizz and say hello to gorgeously splendid curls that have the finest definition. It does not matter where you live or where you are traveling, the Conair CD160WTCS Hot Air Curling Combo never fails to liven up curls. You can confidently live life with the luxury of not having to worry about your hair ever again.

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