Top 5 Secrets To Care For Your Curly Hair

how to care curly hair

Luxurious curls hair always draw attention to their owners. Flying and voluminous curls look romantic, gentle and timid little curls look equally charmingly.

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However, despite all the charm curls, caring for them is rather complicated. Naughty and daring, they can cause a lot of trouble to its owner.
There are some rules by which you can easily tame your tresses.
Rule 1
Do curly hair unique structure, as each strand forms a set of curls. In doing so, the hair bends in places most vulnerable. To avoid damaging your hair does not dry the scalp too frequent washing. Choose a shampoo specifically for your hair type, while shampooing apply it only gentle movements on the roots of the hair. Tips of hair rinse the shampoo when you wash it.

best curly hair care secrets
Best Curly Hair Care Secrets

Rule 2
Do not hurt hot curly hair styling. Curly hair is more sensitive than direct, and dry and hot air brings them even more harm. Be sure to apply heat-protective remedies that can help prevent damage to the hair during blow-drying, and use restorative and moisturizing agents staylinogvye thereafter. Try to dry your hair in a natural way at least on the weekends.
Rule 3
Follows from the previous one. It is important to use styling tools. Namely – not to apply them on wet, but on slightly damp hair. A small amount, about the size of nickels, foam, mousse, or any other means to the hair starting from the tips and gradually climbing up.

how to make curly hair soft
Rule 4
Carefully and properly brush your hair. Many stylists and hair care professionals recommend curly hair comb only after washing (before drying) and in general, as little as possible to touch them during the day. Also choose carefully comb. Brush with dense bristles fluffed hair, making them more unruly. This can be avoided by using a comb with wide teeth rare or simply combing strands hands.

Curly Hair Bob hairstyles
Rule 5
Even if you have curly hair, choose a hairstyle for your hair type. Her style will depend on the nature of your curls, and choose her best with an experienced hair stylist. It will help you structure your curls slightly to calm them. Cascading, soft and layered haircuts suit almost any curls. From what should be abandoned – so it’s straight from the thick bangs, she looks ridiculous and not in harmony with the bold swirls.

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