Throwing A Wedding Day Party Like No Other

Planning your wedding is an amazing experience. You are essentially planning the first day of the rest of your life and you want that day to be perfect. However, perfect does not always mean the same as everyone else. Truth be told, the big white fluffy dress, the high five tier cake, the ballroom, the tuxedo we’ve seen it all before and we will see it again and again so why not choose to make your wedding different and unlike anything your guests have seen before?

Keep a short guest list

The trick to throwing an amazing wedding is to keep your guest list short and close. Sadly, most wedding include lists of people from years ago who you have barely spoken to. This is a trend that really needs to change. We invite people because we feel obliged to invite them, not because we feel like we want them at our wedding – the most important day of our lives and this is a problem. Keep your guest list as short as possible with only your closest family and friends. For everyone else, you can probably treat them with a cake or something at another time.

Location, location, location

Choose to have your wedding somewhere unusual and memorable. The most important thing about your wedding day is to make sure that you remember it forever and what better way to do that than have your wedding at a far away location where you can take along your mobile make up artist and a comfy but beautiful dress. You may provide a bus for your small guest list as transportation to your location and have a small intimate gathering. Visit this link for more information regarding the mobile make up artist in Castle Hill.

Hair and styling

If you cannot afford to hire a mobile make up artist, simply choose to have a close family member or one of your friends do your make up for you. The truth is none of this will matter twenty years or even two years down the line. What will matter is how you felt and what your experience was like. Choose to take as many pictures as you possibly can and ask your friends to capture your wedding pictures on your behalf. You may take your minister with you and have him conduct an impromptu wedding ceremony under the stars where no lines are practiced and you best friends sing. It doesn’t even matter if they can sing or if you’re on the spot vows sound silly, because what matters is how amazing you felt at that moment.

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