Why You Shouldn’t Buy Hair Extensions

We always hear about remedies for hair loss, procedures to treat it and temporary options for a better look. If you want to have voluminous hair, straight or freckled highlights, you could get extensions. On the other hand, you could visit a salon and get a hair do done. There are many options such as getting a wig, hair transplant, fixing hair extensions, etc. When we look for these options, you would agree that people praise these. While most of us are aware of the different hair styling options, there’s lesser importance given towards the drawbacks of these.

Even though there are numerous benefits of fixing these, you probably might or might not be aware of these disadvantages. However, if you were planning to buy it then, it would be good to consider the following facts. Here are some of the drawbacks of buying hair extensions:

–    Maintenance

When you get clip in hair extensions Sydney, you have to maintain it for long lasting appearance and texture. You should be careful when you’re washing, drying, sleeping and many more. If you’re getting temporary extensions, you have to visit the beauty parlour frequently to maintain it.

–    High price for quality artificial hair

There are many options in the market today that are sold according to varying prices. If you were on a tight budget then, you probably would choose a cheaper option. The drawback is that, it isn’t worth your money in the long run. Therefore, you would have to buy high quality extensions, which are very expensive.

–    Unnatural look

Another reason why individuals choose not to buy clip in hair extensions Sydney and others is because it looks artificial. For instance you can clearly see the difference between your natural and fake hair. It doesn’t happen overnight, but when your hair grows it becomes visible.

–    It might fall off

You wouldn’t want someone in a public transport, pick one of your permanent hair extensions and give you amidst so many, would you? This type of hair extensions are bound to fall off, if it’s not fixed properly. Therefore, you have to maintain and keep a watch out, to avoid such embarrassing situations.

–    Damages the scalp

The more and more hair extensions you get, it will damage your scalp and natural hair. Since the clippings are holding against the natural hair, it is an additional weight on the follicle. As a result, your hair starts falling. In some cases it may leave bald patches on certain areas where it has been damaged.

The aforementioned facts are some of the top reasons, why you shouldn’t purchase these. You still have the many other benefits so, weigh the pros and cons and make a correct choice.

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