Curly Hair Products Primer

One problem with curly hair is that it is almost always dry, because scalp-produced oils, such as Sebum, cannot travel down the hair as well as they can with straighter hair. Because of this, curly hair often becomes course, frizzy, and completely unmanageable. This problem is somewhat rectified with a high-quality moisturizing shampoo, with elements such as wheat germ oil, nut oils, and shea butter. Such products help to moisturize, as well as seal the hair shaft in such a way that moisture cannot escape. Often, these types of shampoos are offered in a special formula that is specific to dry hair. Regardless of what shampoos are used, curly hair should not be washed every day, as it can actually serve to dehydrate the hair more. Washing every other day and letting hair dry naturally as opposed to applying heat, can help keep curly hair more healthy and manageable.

Conditioners help to adjust the look and texture of hair in a desirable way and should be used whenever hair is shampooed, especially for women with curly hair. When it comes to curly hair, conditioners should include moisturizers and oils, both of which serve to help dryer, more-coarse hair become soft and manageable. Conditioning should be supplemented with a hot oil treatment periodically, usually monthly or bi-monthly.

Another element of maintaining curly hair is making it look presentable. Without proper shampooing and conditioning, this is impossible, but some people prefer a few other products to help them with their hairstyle, namely mousse and hair glaze.

 Some mousses contain moisturizing formulas to provide curly hair with even more hydration. The purpose of a curl-enhancing mousse is to provide volume and style, bringing out the natural waves of curly hair without having clumpy, sticky, tangled hair. Hair glaze seeks to provide a natural shiny look to hair, enhancing and adding depth to natural colors, and extending the life of artificial colors.

As more and more people face increasing problems with the daily management of their curly hair, it’s a good thing that hair care product manufacturers continue releasing a multitude of curly-hair specific treatments to ensure a look of grace, beauty, and prestige for each and every curly hair style.

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